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The dangerous effects of distracted driving are impacting motorists across the state and across the nation. Click on the latest distracted driving news and updates below for further details.

Nevada News

Nevada announced the launch of the No Phone Zone campaign at media events in Las Vegas on November 8 and in Reno on November 12. Following are the stories from those events:

Las Vegas Review Journal – Blog – Hi Its Al, I’m Driving. Leave a message at the beep

Nevada Sage Brush – Blog – Groups Focus on Distracted Driving

Deterring Distracted Driving – Sparks Daily Tribune

Distracted Driving Targeted in Reno Event – News 4 Reno

Dangers of Distracted Driving – Channel 2 News Reno

Anti-Distracted Driving Campaign Underway – KOLO News Reno

Calls to Ban Cell Phone Talking and Texting While Driving – 13 Action News Las Vegas

Distracted Driving Accidents Prompt Potential Legislation in Nevada: Reno Gazette Journal, Nov. 1, 2010

National News

The U.S. DOT has recently launched a new web video series called “Faces of Distracted Driving,” which tell the stories behind the statistics. To view the series, go to http://www.distraction.gov/faces/.

Survey finds Fortune 500 companies prohibiting employees from using cell phones while driving

Many Young Drivers Heedless of Cell Phone Dangers, Survey Says

An Assessment of Driver Drowsiness, Distraction, and Performance in a Naturalistic Setting

An examination of Driver Distraction as Recorded in NHTSA Databases – NHTSA Traffic Safety Facts, 2009

Teens and Distracted Driving Pew Research Center, 2009

New U.S. DOT Distracted Driving Brochure